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A ‘new’ French Revolution: 10 things you need to know about Steelrising

Sep 8, 2022

By: Utkarsh Saurbh


Steelrising is an action role-playing game that’s playable in the third person. It is set in 1789’s Paris.

Source: Nacon

​Developer and publisher

The game is developed by Spiders Studio and published by Nacon.

Source: Nacon

​The backdrop

The city of Paris suffers terribly under the rule of King Louis XVI. The king has just managed to suppress the French Revolution with his legions of automatons.

Source: Nacon

​The ‘saviour’

Aegis is a "mechanical masterpiece" created by the engineer Vaucanson. Aegis is the one who has to continue the fight against the tyrant king.

Source: Nacon

​The skills of Aegis

“You can play as a ruthless warrior, a hard-hitting bodyguard, a deadly dancer or a virtuoso of the elemental arts.”, say the developers. Players will get a wide variety of weapons and skills to develop their own fighting style.

Source: Nacon

​Be accurate and patient

You will face the king’s mechanical soldiers, and to defeat them, you have to be highly accurate, disciplined and patient, especially with the machine bosses.

Source: Nacon

​Paris is your playground

You can use “carriages, grapples, secret passages, a detailed map, and other methods and tools you find along the way” to explore the city and find its secrets.

Source: Nacon

Allies and enemies

You’ll meet characters “with unclear motives” like Marie-Antoinette, Lafayette and Robespierre.

Source: Nacon


Steelrising will launch on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GoG), PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Source: Nacon

​Release date

The game will launch on September 8, 2022.

Source: Nacon

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