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Google Photos revamps Memories and adds new features

Google Photos revamps Memories and adds new features

TIMESOFINDIA.COM / Updated: Sep 15, 2022, 08:02PM IST
Google Photos revamps Memories and adds new features
Three years after its introduction, Google Photos' Memories is being overhauled with a splash of videos and hints of music. That is not it as there are new memory types, styles and an option to share your memories with others. Also, there is a new collage editor.

The Memories was first introduced in 2019, taking users back to the time, showing them old pictures taken on the same day or of some special occasion. However, that only included photos, but now Memories will also show you the videos.

The redesigned Google Photos’ Memories or Shorts

Google says that the Photos' will select and trim the best snippets from the video you recorded back in the day and show them in the Memories. At the same time, images will have a subtle zoom-in and out effect. And you will also have instrumental music playing in the background of the memory. If you still could not figure out the similarity, there will be a swipe up/down gesture to move between different Memories.

There is also a new feature inspired by scrapbooks, Styles coming to Memories. Also, users can now share their entire Memories with others.

Memories to become cinematic

Remember Cinematic Photos? Apparently, they are one of the “most-saved” visual effects of all in Google Photos since their introduction. Well, the feature is being extended to Memories, so soon users will see “Cinematic Memories,” including a bunch of old photos with Google Photos’ cinematic effect and music.

Make and edit collages with the new Collage editor

With the new collage editor, one can create collages and share them with others easily. Select photos, design, and make the collage. You can also edit the layout and even photos directly from the collage itself. Google One subscribers get access to 30 more designs and extra editing features.


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